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Regal Managers – Muskogee, Oklahoma Lot Manager, Bobby Mulkey

Regal Managers – Muskogee, Oklahoma Lot Manager, Bobby Mulkey

May 21, 2013

bobby mulkey manager of regal muskogee

Bobby Mulkey – Manager of Regal in Muskogee

In our week 3 edition of the manager profile blogs, we’re talking with Bobby Mulkey, manager of the Regal Muskogee location.

After Bobby graduated from Oklahoma State University a couple of years ago, he’s been actively involved with working many different positions within Regal. Most recently, he’s become the new manager of our Muskogee location.

Bobby began working for Regal when he was 16 years old, in the repair shop. When asked what his favorite part of working for Regal was, he responded with “The thing I most value as a Sales Manager for Regal is the flexibility I am given, which allows me to help customer’s individual needs.”

We like to ask the managers, in their opinion, what sets Regal apart from other dealers? We asked this question to all of our managers because each of their experiences with Regal lead them to different answers to that question. In Bobby’s opinion, the warranty was a staple of our customer service. “It is my opinion that what separates this dealership from others is the warranty given to all our customers.  Not only do we promise a warranty twice as long as similar dealerships, but we stick by word and ensure that customers have transportation” Bobby stated when asked.

At Regal, we always preach about the “Regal Difference” and different things that it stands for. Bobby had a great response when asked the question “what can a potential Regal customer expect when shopping your lot?” He replied with “Shopping with us can be a different experience for some buyers. You won’t see our sales staff putting a lot of pressure on customers to buy a specific vehicle.  Instead we focus on getting to know the customer while working with them to find the right vehicle.” That is definitely a “Regal Difference.”

Stop in to our Regal Muskogee location today and see the “Regal Difference” for yourself. You’ll be greeted with smiles and, on a hot day, a nice refreshing bottle of Regal Beagle water!

Regal Car Sales and Credit – Muskogee, Oklahoma
1637 W. Shawnee Bypass
Muskogee, Ok 74401

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